Careful and precise brow waxing with the use of soft, coconut scented wax to remove unwanted brow hair, followed by selective tweezing of individual hairs to accentuate your unique brow shape. 

Precise brow mapping beforehand to guarantee the results you want.

Service includes precise brow mapping, waxing, tweezing & trimming.

Price: $30

Duration: 30 minutes

Eyebrow Shaping Sarasota
Cosmetologist cleaning face of client during permanent make up of eyebrows, using cotton buds . Professional making procedure in blue gloves for client in beauty salon.


Add more definition to your eyes and get an overall more structured look with an eyebrow tint. A customized blend of color is added to the brows giving the brows a fuller and more symmetrical look.

This treatment is great for sparse, asymmetrical, or light eyebrows that need a fresh and bold look resembling eyebrow make up without the hassle of having to apply it.

Unwanted eyebrow hair removal is included, providing for a clean shape.

Price: $45

Duration: 30 minutes


Eyelash tinting will darken and intensify the lash color for a more awake look. A customized blend of color is added to the lashes making them look longer, thicker and more defined.

 While an eyelash tint won’t add curl, length, or volume to your lashes (you’ll need to try a lash lift for that), it will open your eyes and get an overall more dramatic look.

This treatment is great for lashes that are blonde or if your lashes have light tips.

Price: $25

Duration: 30 minutes

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Eyebrow waxing starts with a thin layer of warm wax applied to the hairs you wish to remove. A paper strip is placed over the top, the wax solidifies, and gentle pressure is applied to trap the individual hairs. Then, the strip is swiftly pulled away, pulling the hairs out directly from the root. 

As opposed to eyebrow threading or plucking, waxing is considered the most precise hair removal method, especially for dealing with peach fuzz surrounding the brow. With threading and tweezing, hair removal is limited to the hairs that are visible, whereas waxing removes vellum hair [aka peach fuzz] and gives the appearance of a softer brow shape.

You’ll need to stop using retinoic acids and alpha hydroxy acids because these products thin the skin by increasing the skin cell turn over through exfoliation. This can make skin more susceptible to burns and the top layer being ripped away during waxing. Discontinue these products at least three days before and after waxing!

Results last four to eight weeks, although six weeks is normal for most people. You’ll want to rebook every four weeks for a more groomed shape or if your brows grow quickly, but if they’re a natural shape, you can stretch to eight weeks.

The dyes used around the eye area are specifically formulated to be extra gentle. Additionally, the l underwent training and certification to ensure that you are in safe hands since eye health is so important. It should not hurt when it’s applied to your lashes but may feel a little irritating from the fumes.

Usually, the tint can last anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending on your original hair color, hair growth cycle, skin type and how much you wash and exfoliate your face. The tint will fade away naturally.

For lash tinting, I love to use the blue-black tint from Beautiful Brows & Lashes. This color is the darkest shade that looks so pretty on all hair colors, but there are some lighter black and brown shades as well. I carry all the tint colors from Beautiful Brows & Lashes so have the ability to custom tint for each guests.

How long your color will last depends on how well you take care of your lashes or brows. Minimize chlorine exposure, sun, and oily eye makeup to prolong your tint. A lot of sun exposure can also fade your lashes/brows, so wear sunglasses outside.

When you first have your lashes/brows dyed, you need to keep them dry for up to two days to allow the dye to absorb fully. Do not wash your face or put on eye makeup during this time. Later, wash your face with a mild product that will not irritate your eyes if you get soap in them. Ultimately, your dye will last longer if you minimize the amount of contact your lashes/brows have with water.

Keep oils and oil-based cleansers away from your eyelashes/brows to avoid stripping the dye out. Instead, look for cream or gel cleansers that are extra gentle.

A specially formulated eyelash/brow serum may help keep your lashes/brows hydrated and less likely to fall out, thereby extending your tinted look. These typically contain biotin, which encourages hair growth.

Try not to sleep on your face or push your lashes/brows against the pillow too much when you sleep at night. Sleeping in this position will cause even more of your dyed lashes/brows to fall out. Don’t rub your eyes or use sticky strip lashes that may also cause lashes to loosen. The overall goal is to preserve as many hairs as possible.

Many clients combine a lash tint with a lash lift to enhance their results. Lash lifts last up to eight weeks long.