PhiRemoval is a non-laser, tattoo removal technique that gently and safely removes cosmetic eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner/eyeliner migration tattoos, lip color/lip liner tattoos, as well as body tattoos.

For emergency brow tattoo removal services, please schedule within 48 hours of receiving cosmetic brow tattoo (microblading/PowderBrows/Combo Brows/Nano Brows).

For mor information on this revolutionary procedure, please read below.

Cost: Starting at $175 Per Session

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How Does

Phiremoval work?

PhiRemoval products are patented products with ingredients that  feature high skin penetration. Because of this, we can avoid exposing the skin to severe laser treatments, which can cause tissue trauma, burns, and scarring.

The tattoo extraction formula starts working almost immediately after drawing out the existing tattoo pigment/ink, moving upwards through the layers of your skin. A scab containing tattoo pigment/ink will form over the treated area a few days following the extraction procedure.  While the skin heals, even more unwanted tattoo pigment/ink will be drawn out of the skin. The scabs will begin to fall off, thus extracting more unwanted tattoo pigment/ink. You are likely to develop a secondary scab containing even more tattoo pigment/ink following the initial scab.

Following the procedure, as long as the scab remains on the skin,  it is very important to keep the treated area as dry as possible!

Using the PhiRemoval technique, amazing results can be achieved by fading existing tattoos in order to cover them or even completely removing your unwanted tattoo. 

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: As the pigment/ink is drawn out of the skin, the underlying pigment will appear darker initially as it is brought to the surface of your skin.

Removing a tattoo is a process,

not a procedure!


When permanent make up works out – you love the results, the treatment was performed with proper technique, and the pigments fade evenly – it’s a true life-saver. But when it doesn’t, it can become a huge source of frustration and insecurity. I am here to help if you are to happy with your cosmetic brow tattoo. You can get emergency removal within 48 hours after the brow tattoo treatment if you immediately regret getting it.

If you wait longer than that, you will have to wait for 6 to 8 weeks until the skin has completely healed. Otherwise, the tissue can be damaged permanent scarring can occur.

The huge explosion in the demand for permanent make up treatments has brought about a surge in the demand for permanent make up removal. Sometimes, pigments don’t fade at the pace they’re supposed to, they turn color or migrate, or clients simply grow bored with their permanent make up and want to change it up. That’s where PhiRemoval steps in.


  • Does NOT cause tissue necrosis (dying of the tissue)
  • Tissue heals quickly (usually within one week)
  • Removes pigment and its quantity is visible
  • NO long-term post procedural redness or scarring 
  • Brow hair re-growth is a common positive side effect due to needle stimulation
  • Ability to change grey or blue brow tattoos back to brown in one single session!


      • NO make up on brows until all scabs have fallen off naturally 
      • NO picking or scratching at the scabs! 
      • Absolutely NO tanning, direct sun exposure, baths, saunas, and swimming in pools  or swimming in the ocean for 2 weeks post procedure
      • NO facial/body treatments for 3-6 weeks post procedure
      • NO strenuous exercise that causes sweating for 7 days


      • Immediately following the procedure, keep the treated area dry for 48 hours
      • 48 hours following  the procedure, apply a thin layer of the soothing balm to the treated area (“Skin Candy”). This balm  enhances the healing process
      • Apply the balm 2 to 3 times daily until all scabs have fallen off naturally (absolutely NO picking at the scabs!) This usually takes between 7 to 14 days
      • After initial scab shedding, apply small amount of the provided scar cream (step 2) on the skin every 8 hours. This scar cream should be applied until your skin regains the same color as the surrounding tissue.



        One of the amazing “side effects” of PhiRemoval is that a single session can change your tattoo color from an ashy,/cool/grey/blue back to a beautiful brown. This is a major benefit for clients who are generally happy with their brow shape but wish to change the color without having to  add additional pigment to your skin.

        ~ Remember, our skin functions like a sponge; it can only hold a certain amount of pigment before it is not able to retain any more ~


        There are no side effects aside from the beneficial side effect mentioned above. Oftentimes, taking multiple factors into consideration, such as pigment brand, technique used, skill level of artist, etc., after your brows have healed for some time, they result in an ashy/cool/grey/blue appearance over time. PhiRemoval makes it possible to change the pigment color from a cool tone to warm tone with one single removal session. This is highly desired because “covering up” an old brow tattoo with more pigment is not necessarily beneficial unless your tattoo has faded by over 50% over time.

        Another beneficial side effect is that hair growth will be stimulated in the brow area and many clients are happy that their brow hair is beginning to grow again!

        DOES IT HURT?

         The PhiRemoval procedure is nearly pain-free as the treated area will be numbed beforehand, as well as throughout the entire extraction session.


        The number of procedures required for optimal results depends on the size, location, depth, and saturation of your tattoo.

        Most procedures take between 3-5 sessions to lighten your tattoo in order to get a cover up tattoo. More sessions are required to completely remove pigment/ink.

        IMPORTANT TO KNOW: As the pigment/ink is drawn out of the skin, the underlying pigment will appear darker initially as it is brought to the surface of your skin.


        The procedure should be performed 4 to 5 weeks apart in order to allow your body to remove the maximum amount of tattoo pigment/ink after each procedure. You will continue to see the lightening of your tattoo after each procedure as your body disposes of more pigment/ink. 


        Each extraction session duration differs based on the size of your tattoo. For eyebrow tattoo removal sessions, it usually takes 60 minutes


        Right after your treatment, the treated area will experience a moderate amount of redness, which will gradually diminish over the next few days. As mentioned previously, the pigment/ink will appear darker initially as the epidermis (your upper layer of skin) has been gently removed and is drawn to the surface of your skin.


        Yes, this procedure is completely safe. As a matter of fact, the main ingredient in the extraction solution is contained in many chemical peels and can be applied safely all over your face and neck. Furthermore, I am undergoing tattoo removal treatments on my own using this technique. 

        You can expect very high standards of safety and hygiene as well as a professional consultation with an expert who will explain the procedure and provide you with additional advice on achieving the best results.


        Tattoo Removal Treatments Are NOT Recommended For Clients Who Are Or Have Any Of The Following
        • Had Botox/fillers within a 4 week period in area to be treated
        • Had an organ transplant
        • Epilepsy
        • Use of any skin medications such as Accutane in the past year 
        • Allergy to epinephrine, dermacaine, benzyl alcohol, lidocaine, or tetracaine
        • Sick with COVID or any cold/flu-like viruses
        • Prone to cold sores (MUST contact your doctor for antiviral medication and take 48 hours before lip tattoo removal)
        • Currently taking antibiotics (must be off for at least 30 days prior to appointment)
        • Undergoing chemotherapy (ask your doctor  prior to booking – physician’s note required)
        • Under any doctor’s care (it is your responsibility to ask your doctor about getting a permanent make up procedure done along with written approval).
        • Pregnant or Nursing
        • Under 18 years of age (we will not perform on minors – no exceptions)
        • Uncontrolled diabetes
        • Glaucoma (for eyeliner removal only)
        • Skin diseases such as shingles, psoriasis, or eczema on the area of treatment
        • Viral infections or auto-immune diseases
        • History of keloid/hypertrophic scarring
        • HIV/Hepatitis
        • Skin cancer